Alex MacLean

Books: Chroniques aériennes: L’Art d’Alex MacLean

Chroniques Aeriennes: L'art d'Alex MacLean

Éditions La Découverte

With a photo essay by Gilles A. Tiberghien.

Dominique Carré éditeur / La Découverte, Paris

By studying photography through the window of his plane for thirty years, Alex MacLean has developed a rare ability to make us understand the conflict between the planet and the wild nature of our cultural habits. Throughout the seemingly endless expanses he travels tirelessly, he strives to identify, mark the landscape (whether of topographical, political, economic or cultural) that, for better or for worse, show our ability to adapt to the territories where we operate.

A pilot himself, as well as an architect and urban planner trained at Harvard University, he illustrates comprehensively and descriptively the way we live - in the truest sense - with the planet.

Selected among thousands of images, this book brings together a selection of some of the best of Alex MacLean.

This book is currently available in French only. Please contact the emily@landslides.comfor ordering information or click here.

Limited edition prints of these stunning images are also available, please call or the studio for more information.

Co-publication: Dominique Carré Editor Published: October 2010 Retail Price: 39 € ISBN: 9782707166524 Dimensions: 325 x 260 mm Hardcover, 160 pages
Tilling TracksSnowville, UT 2005Digital Capture, Ref #: 050618-0290
Tracks of Tomatoes in FieldsNorth Central, OH 1990Film, Ref #: LS_4384_25
Dryland FarmingShelby, MT 1991Film, Ref #: LS_4731_16
Roscoe, TX 2007Digital Capture, Ref #: 070701-0228
Burley, ID 2005Digital Capture, Ref #: 050618-0363
Lost Creek, NE 2008Digital Capture, Ref #: 080619-0318
Cross Tilling a FieldMonon, IN 2007Digital Capture, Ref #: 070518-0489
Manahawkin Bay, NJ 2008Digital Capture, Ref #: 081112-0065
Union, IN 2007Digital Capture, Ref #: 070517-0437
Lafayette, IN 2007Digital Capture, Ref #: 070517-0558
Walkway to BeachLido Spina, Italy 2007Digital Capture, Ref #: 070802-0368
Atlanta, GA 2007Digital Capture, Ref #: 071030-0723
Sun Bathers Below Via Del LittoraleLivorno, Italy 2007Digital Capture, Ref #: 070801-0306
B-52 BoneyardTucson, AZ 1994Film, Ref #: LS_0621_07
Piles of Topsoil in New Housing DevelopmentWorcester, MA 1988Film, Ref #: LS_2932_33