Alex MacLean

Books: Designs on the Land

Exploring America from the Air

Written and Photographed by Alex S. MacLean

Introduction by James Corner

Thames and Hudson Press, March 2003


"This new collection of exemplary photographs taken across the American landscape reflects MacLean's passionate interest in the effects of time, geological movements, shifting landscapes, redeployment, pollution, urban sprawl, and the overlapping of surfaces and activities. More than 400 photographs reveal in a unique way the physical splendor of America: both the beauty of the ongoing inhabiting of the land and the potential for modern planning to create spectacular environments."

White Road and TreesAdams, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_2659_27
Highway follows the gridLos Angeles, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_2654_16
SHIPROCKShiprock, New MexicoFilm, Ref #: LS_2673_20
Wheat Farming Follows the Contour of the PalousePullman Area, WashingtonFilm, Ref #: LS_4416_37
Adobe Houses and Kiva in Santo Domingo PuebloNavajo National Monument, ArizonaFilm, Ref #: LS_4824_36
Mixed Hardwood Forest in AutumnUpstate New YorkFilm, Ref #: LS_5528_26
Ribbon of Wheat  Winding Along the Contour of the PalousePullman Area, WashintonFilm, Ref #: LS_4418_22
Floating Irrigated Field in DesertPalm Desert, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_7412_32
Plowed Wheat fields on the PalousePullman Area, WashingtonFilm, Ref #: LS_4419_18
The Guyandone River Empties Into the Ohio RiverHuntington, West VirginiaFilm, Ref #: LS_5204_22
Three Pivot Irrigators Intersect a Rectangular FieldMacon, GeorgiaFilm, Ref #: LS_7854_26
Strip Mine for Coal Burning UtilityFour Corners, New MexicoFilm, Ref #: LS_2611_03
Wheat Stubble Field on the PalousePullman Area, WashingtonFilm, Ref #: LS_4419_20
Log RaftsBellingham, WashingtonFilm, Ref #: LS_4432_25
Winter Snowplow PatternsBoxborough, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_5161_04
Four White Transformer Towers in a FieldOahu, HawaiiFilm, Ref #: LS_6560_31
Community Garden PlotsSanta Monica, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_5377_06
Abandoned Tugboat in the Sand Near the CoastlineSouth of Savannah, GeorgiaFilm, Ref #: LS_7828_35
Rivulets of Red Industrial WasteBurnside Area, LouisianaFilm, Ref #: LS_6495_18
Plowing and Harvesting Patterns on the PalousePullman Area, WashingtonFilm, Ref #: LS_4418_20