Alex MacLean

Books: Look at the Land

Look at the Land: Aerial

Reflections on America

by Alex MacLean & Bill McKibben

Rizzoli Intl Publishers, 1993

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Photographer and aviator Alex MacLean has spent twenty years traveling the length and breadth of America by air. With one hand navigating his plane and the other steadying his camera, he has skillfully captured in intensity colorful, unique photographs what can only be seen from above: the interconnectedness and extraordinary patterns of our natural and created environments.

In this collage of images – well-known geographical and historical markings, such as the San Andreas fault and the stone walls of New England, new perspectives of such common sights as the ubiquitous supermodern shopping center and tract-house developments, and often whimsical views, such as those of a football grid overlaying the baseball diamond on a playing field and the amoeba-like shapes of a miniature golf course–MacLean simultaneously dipels illusion and offers an important, critical look at America's true face.

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A Trail of Ripe Cranberries Bobs to the SurfaceSoutheastern MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_0376_19
A Rain Shower Over Canyon de Chelly Near Chinle, Arizona FIlm, Ref #: LS_2671_08
Bulrushes and Potato Fields Border a Quiet Marsh InletLong Island, New York Film, Ref #: LS_4338_22
A Railroad Swing Bridge Spans the Connecticut RiverMiddletown, ConnecticutFilm, Ref #: LS_0757_34
Shuffleboard Court and Pool Edged in Artificial TurfMiami Beach, FloridaFilm, Ref #: LS_2268_12
Barn Dating to 1725 Hugs the Shores of Hog Island Wildlife RefugeHog Island, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_2923_27
Ruled Wheat Strips Maximises the Farmland Between Two Deeply Cut Stream ValleysSouth of Cutbank, MontanaFilm, Ref #: LS_4737_35
A Cul-de-sac Marks the First Inroad of a Future Housing DevelopmentPotomac, MarylandFilm, Ref #: LS_2522_27
Weathering Slowly Leveling an Ancient MesaNear Monument Valley, UtahFilm, Ref #: LS_2615_17
Hills Surrounded by Sand Form
Atmosphere as the Morning Mist LiftsConnecticut River ValleyFilm, Ref #: LS_4646_18
Sand Patterns Mirror the Motion of the WavesIpswich River Estuary, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_0085_03
Burning Small Grain Windrows Snake River valley, IdahoFilm, Ref #: LS_4449_12
Coal Burning Power PlantFour Corners, New MexicoFilm, Ref #: LS_2610_27
A Procession of Houses Between the Fairways of a Golf Course CommunityPalm Desert, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_4070_15
Shopping Mall Resembles a Hovering Space StationPalm Desert, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_4071_20
Freight Train Carries Large Number of Cars Across the Susquehanna RiverHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaFilm, Ref #: LS_1119_27
Regimented Tennis CourtsBridgewater, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_4192_03
Two fields Once Contained Within Stone Walls; One of Them has now Been Reclaimed by the Forest North Adams, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_2534_05
Landfill Used as a Depository for Pools of WasteNear Gary, IndianaFilm, Ref #: LS_4387_31
A River of Industrial Waste Flows Into Settlement PondSavannah, GeorgiaFilm, Ref #: LS_1276_35
Cooling Towers at a Nuclear Power PlantPottstown, PennsylvaniaFilm, Ref #: LS_1939_25
A Skeletal Transmission Tower Rises from Salt FlatsFremont, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_0848_04
Plots Such as These are Often Sold as Residential Property to Unwitting InvestorsSanta Fe, New MexicoFilm, Ref #: LS_2598_10
The path taken by a tractor dodging the telephone poles that run alongside the road has left a fading ripple of windrowsRed River Valley, North DakotaFilm, Ref #: LS_4757_30
A Farmer Bales Windrows of Barley ShaftConrad, MontanaFilm, Ref #: LS_4740_14
Mowing and Plowing Creates the Classic Envelope Pattern Sacramento Valley, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_0809_12
Contoured Dikes Rise out of Flooded Rice Fields Surrounding Seemingly Marooned Farm BuildingsSacramento Valley, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_0840_09
Row of Cedar Trees & ShadowsSouthern VermontFilm, Ref #: LS_4282_08