Alex MacLean

Books: The Playbook

Written and Photographed by Alex S. MacLean

Introduction by Susan Yelavich

Thames and Hudson Press, March 2006


Aerial photographer Alex MacLean turns his camera on the colorful, exhilarating world of America at play. From the beauty of perfectly symmetric sports stadiums to the spaghetti-like tangles of theme parks to sunbathers on a stretch of splendid beach, he illuminates how we inhabit the land and the potential for modern planning to create spectacular environments.

Art Deco Hotel PoolsMiami Beach, Florida Film, Ref #: LS_0852_33
Go-cart Raceway with Spin-out CornersCentral, New Jersey Film, Ref #: LS_2113_21
Winter Backstop and Baseball DiamondBerkshires, Massachusetts Film, Ref #: LS_2534_27
Rain Tarp Over Infield at Busch StadiumSt. Louis, Missouri Film, Ref #: LS_4939_08
Overlay of Parking and Sports GridsWaltham, Massachusetts Film, Ref #: LS_5238_09
Desert Loading Pod for ATVs and Dune BuggiesYuma, Arizona Film, Ref #: LS_5382_10
Interwoven Structures for Roller Coasters and WaterslidesOcean City, New Jersey Film, Ref #: LS_5959_26
Sand Bunker with Nautical Anchor and StarChicago, Illinois Film, Ref #: LS_6050_35
Boat Sterns from PilingsWickford Harbor, Rhode Island Film, Ref #: LS_6703_23
Pep Talk on Synthetic InfieldWest Point, New York Film, Ref #: LS_6786_36
Theme Motel with Guitar Shaped PoolOrlando, Florida Film, Ref #: LS_6944_09
Deflated Hot Air Bear BalloonColumbus, Ohio Film, Ref #: LS_7424_09
Go-cart Racetrack Configured to Maximize LengthDallas, Texas Film, Ref #: LS_7903_10
Roller Coaster RideSpringfield, Massachusetts Film, Ref #: LS_7662_34
Desert Playground Jungle GymEl Paso, Texas Film, Ref #: LS_5326_33
SunbathersNewport, Rhode Island Film, Ref #: LS_1394_20
Hotel Poolside OasisMiami Beach, Florida Film, Ref #: LS_2268_29
Desert Playground Jungle Gym and Other Play EquipmentEl Paso, Texas Film, Ref #: LS_5326_28
Winter Shadows Define Tennis and Basketball CourtsCambridge, Vermont Film, Ref #: LS_5821_09
Twists and Turns of Waterslide ParkJersey Shore, New Jersey Film, Ref #: LS_5959_01
Racks of Sunfish on Beach EdgeEvanston, Illinois Film, Ref #: LS_6208_04
Theme Motel with Piano PoolOrlando, Florida Film, Ref #: LS_6901_19
Blue Basketball Court with Colored ZonesAtlantic City, New Jersey Film, Ref #: LS_7309_19
Prison Handball CourtBridgewater, Massachusetts Film, Ref #: LS_7603_30
Tile Wave PoolOrlando, Florida Film, Ref #: LS_6901_20
Climbing Toward the Big Drop OffSpringfield, Massachusetts Film, Ref #: LS_7662_12
World Cup Soccer Fans Pass Through Gate, Foxboro StadiumFoxboro, Massachusetts Film, Ref #: LS_5452_20
Sunbathers on Santa Rosa BeachSanta Rosa Beach, Florida Film, Ref #: LS_7875_09
Roller Coaster with Wood FrameKansas City, Missouri Film, Ref #: LS_7972_19
Waterslide with Colored ChutesSpringfield, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_7678_29