Alex MacLean

Books: Visualizing Density

By Julie Campoli & Alex S. MacLean

Introduction by Armando Carbonell

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2007


Landscape architect and land planner Julie Campoli and aerial photographer Alex S. MacLean have joined forces with the Lincoln Insitute to create a full-color, richly illustrated book to help planners, designers, public officials, and citizens better communicate to others the concept of density as it applies to the residential environment.

Organized in three sections, this book offers an essay on the density challenge facing the United States, an illustrated manual on planning and designing for "good" density, and a density catalog of more than 250 diverse neighborhoods across the country, noting the density in housing units per acre for each site. Four photographs of each location are included-close-up, context, neighborhood, and plan views-to provide an impartial and comparative view of many ways to design neighborhoods.

Buckeye, ArizonaDigital Capture, Ref #: 041215_0432
Phoenix, ArizonaDigital Capture, Ref #: 041216_0084
Glendale, ArizonaDigital Capture, Ref #: 050216_0244
Las Vegas, NevadaDigital Capture, Ref #: 050308_0286
Las Vegas, NevadaDigital Capture, Ref #: 050308_0314
Las Vegas, NevadaDigital Capture, Ref #: 050309_0032
Chicago, IllinoisDigital Capture, Ref #: 050528_0061
Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaDigital Capture, Ref #: 050906_0058
Olympia, WashingtonDigital Capture, Ref #: 050701_0203
Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_8333_13
Boston, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_7501_06
Chicago, IllinoisDigital Capture, Ref #: 050529_0104
Mountain View, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_8344_20
Olympia, WashingtonDigital Capture, Ref #: 050701_0206
Ashland, MassachusettsFilm, Ref #: LS_7519_13
Phoenix, ArizonaDigital Capture, Ref #: 050216_0107
Chicago, IllinoisDigital Capture, Ref #: 050528_0055
Newark, OhioDigital Capture, Ref #: 050905_0165
Gaithersburg, MarylandFilm, Ref #: LS_5705_33
San Francisco, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_6181_14
Reading, PennsylvaniaFilm, Ref #: LS_7806_12
Boulder, ColoradoFilm, Ref #: LS_8255_06
Longmont, ColoradoFilm, Ref #: LS_8258_15
Delano, CaliforniaFilm, Ref #: LS_8326_16
Colorado Springs, ColoradoFilm, Ref #: LS_8282_16
Glendale, ArizonaDigital Capture, Ref #: 050216_0247