Alex MacLean

Public Speaking

Alex Maclean is a requested presenter for schools, assemblies, conferences, and nonprofit fundraisers providing commentarywith his projected aerial images that address development patterns which impact our economic and social well-being. His images are entertaining while graphically telling stories about our constructed and natural environments and their relationship to climate change.

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Upcoming and Past Public Speaking Engagements

Urban Forum | Ottowa, Canada | December 3, 2014

Sponsored Lecturer

VRA Conference | Providence, RI | April 6, 2013

Keynote Speaker

The Arlington School | Belmont, MA | April 4, 2013

Sponsored Lecturer

Harvard Traveller's Club | Cambridge, MA | May 15, 2012

Sponsored Lecturer

Design Exchange | Toronto, ON, Canada | March 26, 2012

Sponsored Lecturer

ASCE Solutions to Coastal Disasters Conference | Anchorage, AK | June 27, 2011

Keynote Speaker

Boston Harbor Association | Boston, MA | June 14, 2011

Sponsored Lecturer

Gulf Coast Green Symposium | Houston, TX | May 25, 2011

Keynote Speaker

The Chilton Club | Boston, MA | May 18, 2011

Sponsored Lecturer

Lincoln Land Conservation | Lincoln, MA | May 17th, 2011

Sponsored Lecturer

Urban Forum | Ottawa, ON, Canada | February 16, 2011

Keynote Speaker

Community Matters | Denver, CO | October 2010

Keynote Speaker

Return of Landscape | Academy of Art, Berlin, Germany | March 2010

Sponsored Lecturer in conjunction with exhibition of same name

American Society of Landscape Architects | September 2009

Sponsored Lecturer, "Photography and the Build Landscape: Two Points of View" with Alan Ward

Burlington Firehouse Gallery | Burlington, VT | September 2009

Sponsored Lecturer, "Human = Landscape"

Monadnock Conservancy | Monadnock, VT | August 2009

Sponsored Lecturer

Academy of Arts | Berlin, Germany | April 2009

Sponsored Lecturer, "Return of Landscape" prior to upcoming exhibition in 2010

Boston University | Boston, MA | March 2009

Sponsored Lecturer

Tabor Academy | February 2009

Sponsored Lecturer

Boston Society of Landscape Architects | Boston Public Library, Boston, MA | October 2008

Sponsored Lecturer

Massachusetts College of Art | Boston, MA | September 2008

Sponsored Lecturer

COMPASS Idaho | May 2008

"Visualizing Density": One day intensive workshop presented with Julie Campoli

Congress for New Urbanism | Austin, TX | April 2008

"Visualizing Density": One day intensive workshop presented with Julie Campoli

Arizona State University College of Design | Phoenix, AZ | November 2007

"Visualizing Density": One day intensive workshop presented with Julie Campoli

The Boston Harbor Association | Boston, MA | November 2007

Sponsored Lecturer

The Nature Museum | Grafton, VT | September 2007

Sponsored Lecturer

Boston Society of Architects, Housing Committee | Boston, MA | December 2006

Sponsored Lecturer, "Metro Future"

Harvard Alumni Startups | Cambridge, MA | November 2006

Sponsored Lecturer, "The Power of Place"

Middlebury College | Middlebury, VT | November 2006

Sponsored Lecturer

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy | Lincoln, MA | December 2006

"Visualizing Density": One day intensive workshop presented with Julie Campoli

Harvard Graduate School of Design | Cambridge, MA | October 2006

"Big City Planning Director's Institute" : Three day intensive workshop presented with Julie Campoli

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy | Lincoln, MA | December 2004

Sponsored Lecturer, "Visualizing Density"

Kansas City Design Center, Kansas City, MO | November 2002

Sponsored Lecturer, "Sustaining a Sense of Region"

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy | Lincoln, MA | May, 2002

Sponsored Lecturer, "Visualizing Density"

University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Fine Arts | Philadelphia, PA | April 2002

Sponsored Lecturer, "World Urbanism and Landscape Architecture: A Symposium on Contemporary Urbanization and Future Practices of Landscape Architecture"

Dallas Architecture Forum | Dallas, TX | April 2001

Sponsored Lecturer

Boston Harbor Associates | Boston, MA | October 2001

Sponsored Lecturer

American Planning Association | April 2000

Sponsored Lecturer, "Can This Town Be Saved?"

The Menil Collection | Houston, TX | Fall 2000

Lecturer in conjunction with solo exhibit, "Houston Landscapes and Beyond"

The Boston Athenaeum | Boston, MA |march 1999

Sponsored Lecturer, "Evolving Landscapes As Seen From Above"

Rice University, Rice Design Alliance | Houston, TX | October 1998

Sponsored Lecturer, "Changing Focus: Photographers View Place"

Massachusetts Insitute of Technology School of Architecture and Planning | Cambridge, MA | November 1998

Sponsored Lecturer, "Imaging the City: The Place of Media in City Design and Development"

Massachusetts Association of Consulting Planners | Boston, MA | February 1997

Sponsored Lecturer

Yale University School of Architecture | New Haven, CT | Fall 1997

Artist-in-Residence in conjunction with seminar course taught by Dolores Hayden, Yale University Professor of Architecture and Urbanism and Professor of American Studies

Photographers Against Racism | December 1996

Invited Speaker, “Environmental Racism: Borders and Boundaries"

The Waterfront Center | Boston, MA | November 1996

Featured Speaker, “Urban Waterfronts"

Wentworth Institute of Technology | Boston, MA | November 1996

Sponsored Lecturer, “Boston Development Patterns"

American Institute of Architects | October 1996

Sponsored Lecturer, “Everyday Communities, Everyday Neighborhoods"